ID Network

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The IDR2N (Infectious Disease Research and Response Network) was designated as one of 21 Programs of Research and Scholarly Excellence (PRSE) at Colorado State University in 2016. The IDR2N brings together large research and service programs, and over 60 faculty members from six departments to address local, national and international needs for infectious disease control and prevention. The breadth of IDR2N activities are based on the strength of major pillars of infectious disease research and service at Colorado State University, including:

  1. Arthropod-borne and Infectious Diseases Laboratory
    The AIDL focuses on basic and applied research to better understand pathogen transmission and emergence, with the goal of developing improved control for vector-borne zoonotic diseases.
  2. Mycobacteria Research Laboratories 
    The MRL combines activities at the forefront of mycobacterial fundamental and translational research, including vaccine development, diagnostics and antibiotic resistance among others.
  3. Prion Research Center
    The PRC houses world-class research activities related to prions and prion diseases including protein chemistry, molecular biology, immunology, prion infectious diseases and neurodegeneration.
  4. Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory​​ 
    The VDL offers comprehensive diagnostic services to both internal and external clients worldwide.
  5. School of Biomedical Engineering
    The BME focuses on advancing technology and innovation by addressing problems in global health, water, energy and environmental challenges through engineering research, education and engagement.